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The technology is less interesting than the stories.
We use technology as a stage to tell stories that would otherwise be untellable.

Our job is to design and extend the capabilities of existing products or services, create innovative solutions and experiences by combining new technologies and emerging Internet technologies. We work with you at every phase of the conception : from the initial audit of your services and of your competitors, the feasibility and cost studies, creation phase, prototyping, to the supervision of the project and integration.

Our First Job: Technology Advisors

  • Feasibility studies
  • Costs Studies and Technical Project Costs Evaluation
  • Prototyping
  • Assisting Project Operators on technical parts of projects
  • Profiling, Searching and Qualifying technologies to develop specific projects
  • Profiling, Searching and Qualifying technology providers and specialists
  • Project Technical Constraints and Scope definitions
  • Bids / Call for projects propositions writing and / or validation
  • Negotiation with technology providers and specialists
  • Technological Partnerships Building
  • Technology & Innovation Auditing

Our Second Job: Specialized Technology Watch and Intelligence

  • Researching technologies bringing value to your activity
  • Proposing innovations on your products and services
  • Tests of New Technologies
  • Case Studies
  • Writing White Papers for decision makers

Our Own Vision of Technologies

More than ever Information is the added value of your business. But this information is increasingly scattered, rich, volatile and requires technological support which must be reliable, accurate and fast. The relationships between businesses and their customers are becoming more complex with the fragmentation and specialization of ways to interact and exchange.

We have a vision: one where the "fabric" of information is completed, takes shape when a user connects to it. We don't see 2D or 3D, we see beyond the usual dimensions to create a new one - at the border of reality and virtual - where information is sent to us when needed, in a new form: both laminated and understandable.

ConceptSL, consulting firm established in 2006, is built at the crossing of this vision and of current and future challenges of businesses. To address the problem of enterprises' competitiveness, our job is to identify, qualify and combine new technologies to create "new ways of doing things", new "products".

Example of technologies we deal with: 2D, 3D, Interactive technologies, Avatars, Virtual Worlds, Web, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Conversational Agents, New and Natural Interfaces, VOIP, Audio & Video, Mobile.

All these technologies and the network of partners, providers and specialists, growing every day, enable us to find the most appropriate shapes to give to information and messages.

The technology becomes a new way to transmit information and messages, user centric and focused on applications and not a mean in itself. The dimensions (2D, 3D, real, virtual) are less important than the value they will bring.

Development Potential

The evolution of exchanges becoming increasingly linked to technology and fragmented, companies will gradually need advisers like ConceptSL to identify the most appropriate technologies to achieve their strategies and become more proactive ("leader" vs "follower" attitude) taking an edge on the evolution of these technologies. Ultimately, each company will have to create a Technology Watch/Intelligence division with IT engineers like ConceptSL and align technology with their strategies and projects (make technology people and decision-makers talk together). The market is changing at the pace of development and the complexity of new technologies: the more they become complex and fragmented, the more we will work to combine them and follow their developments to meet the demands of enterprises.
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